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Why does my window have condensation?

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

Condensation can occur on the interior and the exterior of your windows. Ever wonder why this happens? Or what you can do to fix it without having to replace your windows? Well here is your answer!

Exterior window condensation typically occurs when the outside temperature of your home is warmer than the temperature of the glass in your window. This normally occurs durring the Spring and Fall Seasons, when cold nights are followed by warmer days.

Interior window condensation or fog, occurs when the humidity level of your home is high. What happends is the excess humidity will collect in the coldest areas of your home (which is usually your windows), and create "fog" like condensation spots.

Condensation usually forms at the meeting rail and at the bottom of the lower sash on the interior of your window. Believe it or not, condensation on windows is not the windows fault, but by repairing your windows and doors you can reduce the air flow in your home. But always keep in mind that a tighter sealed home can actually retain more humidity. So make sure to watch those levels in your home, and say goodbye to fogged up and drippy windows forever!

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